School Music Lessons

We are delighted to offer the following instrumental lessons at Feniton Church of England Primary School:

Piano, violin, viola, flute, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, drums, cornet, trumpet, tenor horn, euphonium (tenor tuba) and recorder. Lessons take place during or after the school day, on a rota system where possible.

The peripatetic staff who visit Feniton and teach pupils are all appropriately CRB checked and teach at other local primary and secondary schools. Pupils tend to learn most effectively from year 3 upwards as they are physically and mentally able to apply the necessary skills for learning a musical instrument.

The approximate cost of an individual twenty minute lesson is £8.50. A paired lesson would obviously split the cost between a half an hour session each or less for three sharing. This is an approximate guide as costing really depends on instrument chosen, numbers interested and timings required. Invoices are issued by peripatetic staff and we ask for half a term’s notice to stop lessons- all of which is clear on the contract given at the beginning of the process. Instruments can be hired at Babcock LDP Music Service Instrument Hire online or can be bought through school avoiding VAT costs.

Above all, in the pressured society that is now ours, what better time for children to learn a musical instrument:

Music has a unique ability to produce emotional responses in the brain. A piece of music may be undeniably powerful and at the same time be experienced in very different ways be each person who hears it. The emotion created by a piece of music may be affected by memories associated with the piece, by the environment it’s being played in, by the mood of the person listening and their personality, by the culture they were brought up in. In fact- it can be influenced by any number of factors which are both impossible to control and impossible to measure.