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Home and School Working in Partnership

In promoting your child’s education at Feniton, the school believes it is vital to build strong partnerships with parents and the local community (the term ‘parent’ is used to refer to parents, guardians and carers.) . To achieve this, good communication between home and school is essential and actively encouraged. We value parental involvement in the life of the school; parents are invited to attend our Friday afternoon collective worship and parents are regularly invited to meet with their child’s teacher for updates on progress. Parents are encouraged to help in school through a wide range of activities. The Parent & Teachers Association (PTA) meet regularly and carry out many fundraising activities to provide essential funds for the school. Parents are also represented on the ‘Otter Valley Federation’ Board of Governors. Any parent interested in helping in the school should please contact the school office or their child’s class teacher.

It is known that:

  • Parents are the most important influence in a child’s life. Any educational initiative can only be fully effective if there is a strong partnership between parents, children and providers
  • Parents want their children to succeed
  • Children need educational and emotional support if they are to succeed.


1.  To have a strong partnership and good communication with parents informing them about what is happening in school, we will:
  • Check that letters, the school brochure, home/school agreement and key policies are “user friendly”, useful and informative;
  • Send regular whole school newsletters which celebrate achievement and contain information such as dates and events;
  • Have an ‘open door’ policy for parents to visit the school;
  • Hold parent consultations termly;
  • Display key information on the school website.
2  To actively involve parents in the education and progress of their child we will:
  • Hold Induction Meetings for new parents of Reception children;
  • Hold termly parent consultation meetings;
  • Send annual reports at the end of each year and an interim report in February;
  • Hold regular curriculum workshops.
3.  To make good use of parents’ expertise and willingness to enhance their own learning and that of their own and other children and to actively involve them in school life we will encourage parents to:
  • Volunteer to support within classrooms;
  • Participate in school trips;
  • Attend our Friday afternoon Collective Worship;
  • Attend school performances, events and celebrations;
  • Become involved in school projects;
  • Join or support the PTA;
  • Become parent governors.
4.  To provide good induction for all groups of parents we will:
  • Provide opportunities for all prospective parents to find out about the school;
  • Provide opportunities for parents to discuss all transitional decisions;
  • To ensure information is produced and distributed appropriately, taking account of parental needs and views.
5.  To establish the views and opinions of parents of the school and act upon these we will:
  • Provide opportunities for parental questionnaire and inform parents of the results;
  • Ask parents to evaluate key events in school;
  • Seek parental consultation on key issues in school;
  • Collaborate with the PTA.

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