Absence Requests

A reminder that School Governors may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

If parents wish to take their child out of school then they need to make a formal request to the school as far in advance as reasonably possible. A decision will be made under the law applicable at the time of the absence. The decision rests with the Governing Board and, if it is not granted, or the child is absent for a period longer than has been authorised, it counts as an unauthorised absence. A parent can make a request to the school in writing on the appropriate form available below or from the office.

The Governing Board is likely to regard as “exceptional circumstances” when:-

  1. A parent, grandparent or other close family relative is seriously or terminally ill and the holiday is likely to be the last such holiday, with the relative concerned.
  2. There has recently been a death or significant other trauma in the close family and it is felt that an immediate holiday might help the child concerned better deal with the situation.
  3. The holiday is a one off, never to be repeated occasion which provides a unique educational experience and can only take place at the requested time.

Please note that if absence during term time is taken without the permission of the school then it is likely that the child’s unauthorised absence will be reported to Devon Education Welfare Service. In certain circumstances it may be decided to issue a fixed penalty notice to each parent or, if attendance is generally poor, to prosecute. Children with an absence rate of 90% or below are considered persistent absentees by the Education Welfare Officer and the circumstances for absence will be investigated.