Melanesian Links

How links with Melanesia enrich our school curriculum

Our close link with The Solomon Islands in Melanesia helps to deeper our understanding of global citizenship and diversity.

Year Group Key Questions of Enquiry Curriculum Links
Rec How can we travel to the Solomon Islands?


Science and Geography
1 The beaches of Melanesia – How do they compare with our beaches? Geography
3 Fauna and Flora of The Solomon Islands: The life cycle of plants with a focus on Where do pineapples and bananas originate?

Fair Trade.

4 Learning about the life of Bishop John Patteson.

Climate change: Why are the islands disappearing?

Impact of plastic pollution on the Solomon Islands

Local History


6 Walking the Patteson Pilgrimage Route

The life of Bishop John Patteson at Feniton Court and links with the abolishment of slavery

What can we learn from Bishop John Patteson to impact on our lives today?

Local History

British Values

Cop 26 supporting the Melanesian Islands against climate change in 2021

Bishop Willie celebrates Patteson Day with us in 2021

The Arch Bishop of Canterbury visits Feniton to celebrate Patteson Day 2021

Archbishop George visit to Feniton Primary Autumn 2017

On Wednesday 20th September 2017 we were joined by Archbishop George Takeli and his wife.

In our Act of Worship Year 4 talked to the school about caring for God’s creation and ways in which we can all make a difference and earlier in the week every class watched a video which showed the negative impact of climate change on the Solomon Islands. The Archbishop enjoyed talking to the children and answering some of their questions

Solomon Teacher Exchange Summer 2015

In June 2015 four teachers from the Solomon Islands visited the UK and spent 3 weeks at Feniton and Tipton St John Primary Schools. This visit funded by the Melanesian Mission UK, further strengthened links between our schools. The Solomons teachers worked alongside our teachers learning about daily organisation, behavioural management, the effective teaching of English and promoting pupil talk. The pupils at our schools were able to explain their different ways of learning  and also learn more about the culture of the Solomon Islands and the teachers’ experiences visiting a new country for the first time. It was hugely valuable for us all.

Feniton Teachers Visit The Solomons

In August 2014, The Melanesian Mission UK, helped to fund three teachers from the Otter Valley Federation to visit the Solomon Islands and train teachers from the Anglican primary schools in literacy skills.

In 2011 and 2013, Colin Butler, Executive Head visited and in 2013 signed a partnership agreement between the schools.

Archbishop of Melanesia Visits Feniton Church of England School

It was an honour and privilege to welcome and host the Archbishop of Melanesia and his wife on 18th May 2010. Archbishop David spoke about his life in Melanesia, and the important links with John Patteson and this local area. Hearing the Lords Prayer in pidgin, said by the Archbishop was a particularly moving moment. Future plans are to develop links with a Melanesian school and the Archbishop returned home with a folder of information in which every child from Feniton Primary has contributed, by way of introduction.

“I learnt that in some aspects Melanesians are quite similar.”
“I learnt in some ways Melanesians were very different to us.”
“It felt a really special time.”
“I like the way Melanesians made their footballs to play with.”