Curriculum Design & Progression

Reading at the Heart of Our Curriculum

Teaching of Early Reading at Feniton School is influenced by guidance in the DfE Reading Framework 2021:  

Decodable Texts: 

  • Decodable books and other texts make children feel successful from the very beginning because the words in the book are chosen to link to only the phonic sounds they have learned. 
  • Decodable books and texts that children read should run alongside or a little behind the teaching of phonics in the classroom, so that they always feel a sense of achievement when they are asked to read such books. 

Developing Fluency: 

  • Fluent decoding allows us to understand what we read. Because the reader has gained accuracy and automaticity in word reading, the brain’s resources are available to focus on lifting the meaning from the page.   
  • As children gain fluency, their motivation increases: they start to enjoy reading more and are willing to do more of it.  
  • Accuracy as well as speed influences fluency; it is not just about the speed at which a child reads.  
  • Equally, accuracy on its own is not useful, unless they can read at a sufficient rate to support comprehension. Both accuracy and speed are essential.  
  • However, practising to gain automaticity in decoding needs to focus on accuracy: children can read only at the speed they can decode.  

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