Executive Headteacher

Colin Butler

Head of School

Amanda Fulford

Teaching Staff

Mrs R Diamond –  Year 6

Mrs J Critcher & Mrs R Totten- Year 5

Mrs J Strawbridge – Year 4

Mrs M Baker-Bruce – Year 3

Mrs L Olim – Year 3

Mrs G Geale – Year 2

Mrs T Jackson – Year 1

Mrs M Palfrey – Reception Rangers

Mrs K Rounsefell

Support Staff

Mrs S Wilkins (Foundation Stage Leader)

Mrs R Evans

Mrs S Grimshaw

Mrs D Wright

Mrs N Harmer

Miss L Wright

Mrs T Daniels (HLTA)

Mrs H Chapman (HLTA)

Mrs B Mack

Mrs T Casson (HLTA)

Mrs R Kilbride

Mrs H Leighton

Mrs R Styles

Mrs A Lampey

Miss E Carter

Mrs G McConnell

Lunchtime Supervisors

Miss L Wright

Mrs D Wright

Mrs J Godwin

Mrs T Daniels

Mrs L Biddle

Miss E Marles

Mrs A Lampey

Mrs G McConnell

Mrs A Quarterman

Mrs M Candy

Maintenance & Cleaning Team

Mrs L Biddle

Mrs A Quarterman

Mrs M Candy

School Administrator

Mrs C Salt

Federation Administration Manager

Mrs N Meyer

Clerk to Governors

Miss J Benger

Catering Assistants

Miss T Rowe

Mrs S Attwood

Miss K Jarvis

Breakfast & After School Club

Mrs H Chapman

Mrs G McConnell

Mrs J Dyte


Mrs R Hanna

Mrs A Fulford

Mrs J Strawbridge

Support Personnel

Dr Kerrie Lissack – Educational Psychologist
Michelle Perryman – School Nurse
Gayle Peacock – Speech & Language Therapist